Associate Director or Manager, Data scientist in GMS-Japan
Tokyo, Japan
4 日前

Job Description

Please note that this job requires native level Japanese language command not only in speaking, but also in business writing and reading.

タケダでは 常に患者さんを中心に考え その生活を豊かにするためにイノベーションを推進しています そして 従業員一人ひとりにそれぞれの能力と熱意に応じた成長の機会を提供することにも組んで取り組んでいます 私たちと一緒に 世界中の人々のいのちに貢献し さらなる成長と活躍を目指しませんか

タケダは3万人の従業員が 70以上の国や地域で働くグローバルな企業です すべての従業員が世界中の人々の生活をより良いものにしたいという信念をもち そしてタケダイズム 誠実 公正 正直 不屈 を日々の業務で体現しています 私たちは 235年以上の研究開発型の製薬企業としての伝統のもと団結し 優れた医薬品の創出を通じて 人々の健康と医療の未来に貢献することをミッションとして掲げています

グローバルマニュファクチャリング&サプライジャパン GMS-Japan では 光工場 山口県 大阪工場をはじめ 関係会社となる日本製薬 成田工場 大阪工場 武田ヘルスケア 福知山工場 京都府 の5工場で グローバルにむけて医薬品を製造 供給しています 多くの規制の中 患者さんに優れた医薬品を届けるためにも デジタルトランスフォーメーションを推進していきます

Takeda is unwavering in our commitment to patients. With the patient at the center of everything we do, we continue to innovate and drive changes that will better their lives - we’re looking for like-minded professionals to join us.

Takeda is the number one pharmaceutical company in Japan and a global industry leader we are united by our four priorities (Patients, Trust, Reputation, and Business) and our shared values of : Integrity, Fairness, Honesty, and Perseverance.

Takeda-ism is more than just a word. It’s a belief and a mindset which guides our decisions, behaviors, and interactions.

It’s how we strive to work and live, every day.

Global manufacturing and supply Japan(GMS-Japan) manufacture and supply globally through 5 plants of Hikari, Osaka and Nihon Pharmaceutical Narita and Osaka, and Takeda Healthcare in Fuluchiyama.

Under the GxP, we will enhance digital transformation to deliver medicines to patients.

Job Overview

Drives the design, execution and implementation of the overall Global GMSGQ(Global Manufacturing & Supply, Global Quality) Big Data and analytics strategy.

Provides the link across local, functional and global GMSGQ data analytics, IT and GMSGQ business.

Key Responsibilities

  • Drives the design, execution and implementation of advanced analytics for GMSGQ Continuous Process Improvement, end-to-end Simulation, advanced statistics, modeling simulation).
  • Develops and owns detailed scale-up and delivery execution roadmap for data analytics within GMSGQ and manages respective functional and cross-functional interdependencies.
  • Owns, manages and executes process monitoring and process improvement in collaboration with local and functional GMSGQ data analytics descriptive statistics and visualization, statistical process control, out-of-the-box-tools).
  • Owns, manages and executes respective Reporting in collaboration with local GMSGQ and functional data analytics automated daily / monthly / annual, Stability Analysis Targets).
  • Gathers, identifies and reviews GMSGQ data analytics possibilities / initiatives / requestsin collaboration with IT and GMSGQ business stakeholders.
  • Advises on the respective short and medium focus.

  • Drives and executes on digital GMSGQ Strategy, Technology and Innovation Analysis, Key Performance Indicator tracking, interdependencies, Evolution of Internet of Things).
  • Builds up and owns global / functional / local GMSGQ data analytics community.
  • Required Expertise and Skills

  • Expertise and experience in Digital / Big Data Analytics / Artificial intelligence / Machine Learning :
  • Expertise in Signal Processing, Control Systems, Mechatronics.
  • Strong knowledge of Statistical Process Control.
  • Experience in Machine Learning algorithms (CNN, SVM, LSTM, etc.).
  • Respective programming knowledge of either MATLAB / Python / R required, further skills such as C++, SQL etc. are advantageous.
  • Experience in quality mapping of parameters is a plus.
  • Expertise in Bayesian statistics :
  • Experience in Density estimation.
  • Solid knowledge in Bayesian Hypothesis Testing.
  • Solid knowledge in ANOVA and forecasting techniques (ARIMA, ARMA, NARX).
  • Prior experience of Biostatistics, stochastic modelling and decision trees is a strong asset.
  • University degree of science / business. Advanced degree is required (Master / MBA and / or PhD), in Engineering, Mathematics, IT or Physics with focus on either Control Theory / Statistics / Mechatronics,Information / Operation, Management / Strategy, Technology and Innovation Management.
  • Capabilities to translate business needs into data analytics concepts and the other way
  • Hands-on, able to implement and execute initiatives.
  • High level project management skills.
  • Ability to interface with international stakeholders and to connect internal and external data analytics experts of both academia and industries.
  • Fluent written and spoken English.
  • Travel Requirements

    Willingness to travel to various internal / external Takeda meetings and events

    International travel will be required.

    For example, Tokyo, Narita(Chiba), Osaka, Hikari(Yamaguchi), etc.


    今回募集するGMS-Japanの戦略部門は大阪工場内 大阪市淀川区 にありますが 東京グローバル本社 東京日本橋 光工場 山口県 のいずれでも勤務可能です

    ご応募の際は 応募書類に希望勤務地もしくは可能勤務地 大阪 東京 光 を記載ください

    なお いずれの勤務地に配属となった場合でも 各地への出張があります


    諸手当 通勤交通費 借家補助費 勤務時間外手当など

    昇給 原則年1回

    賞与 : 原則年2回

    勤務時間 本社 大阪市中央区 東京都中央区 9 : 00 17 : 30 工場 山口県光市 大阪市淀川区 8 : 00 16 : 45 研究所 神奈川県藤沢市 9 : 00 17 : 45

    休日 土曜 日曜 祝日 メーデー 年末年始など 年間123日程度

    働き方関連制度 フレックスタイム制 テレワーク勤務制導入 対象社員

    休暇 年次有給休暇 特別有給休暇 リフレッシュ休暇 産前産後休暇 育児休暇

    子の看護休暇 介護休暇 フィランソロピー休職制度


    Allowances : Commutation, Housing, Overtime Work etc.

    Salary Increase : Annually

    Bonus Payment : Twice a year

    Working Hours : Headquarters (Osaka / Tokyo) 9 : 00-17 : 30, Production Sites (Osaka / Yamaguchi) 8 : 00-16 : 45, Research Site (Kanagawa) 9 : 00-17 : 45

    Holidays : Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, May Day, Year-End Holidays etc. (approx. 123 days in a year)

    Paid Leaves : Annual Paid Leave, Special Paid Leave, Sick Leave, Family Support Leave, Maternity Leave, Childcare Leave, Family Nursing Leave.

    Flexible Work Styles : Flextime, Telework

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