15_Electrical Power Systems Engineer|電源システムエンジニア
Axelspace Corporation|株式会社アクセルスペース
Tokyo, JP
3 日前

Japanese follows English (日本語は英語に続きます)

About Axelspace

Axelspace has been one of the pioneers of micro-satellite technology and industry since the establishment of the company in 2008, and we envision to democratize the space technology to a wider population across the globe for their daily use. A new project started in 2015 called AxelGlobe which aims to provide a new Earth observation infrastructure by launching multiple micro-satellites for its higher data frequency. We have successfully launched our first satellite in 2018 and then four more satellites in March 2021. As we prepare for the upcoming launches for more satellites in the near future, we currently face a pivotal stage in the development for democratizing satellite imagery use to the world. If you find yourself getting excited working to making a global difference with the use of micro-satellite technology, hit that "apply" button! We look forward to making our vision "Space within you reach" come true together!

About the Role
As a power supply system engineer for micro-satellites, you will be engaged in a series of satellite development work, including power supply system design, circuit and board design, operation verification, and evaluation after satellite installation.

What would you do?

  • Designs electric power systems
  • Designs power supply systems of micro-satellites to provide necessary power from initial operation after launch to the end of whole operation
    • Evaluates the size of solar cells and batteries
    • Evaluates the designs of power generation and distribution systems
    • Incorporates the designs into specific circuit diagrams
    • Communicates and coordinates with vendors to selects various components to be applied to the power systems
  • Provides production instructions for circuit board and its designs
  • Design and prepares manufacturing instructions of battery charging circuit, regulator circuit, power distribution circuit, etc.
  • Evaluates the manufactured circuit board and provides feedback for the next prototype
  • Evaluates the performances of power systems after installation to satellites

What requirements should you meet?

  • Mandatory
    • University degree or higher in Science or Engineering
    • Experience in multiple development cycles of power supply circuits or analog circuits
    • Experience in designing and providing instructions for schematics and board diagrams.
    • Able to read and write documents in English
  • Favorable(Others)
    • Fluency in Japanese
    • Ability to work with international teams or have experience working with such a team
    • Ability to take initiatives to solve problems

Work Environment and Conditions

  • Employment Type: Permanent, full-time
  • Work Hours: Discretionary Labor System
  • Salary: TBA
  • Commuter’s Allowance provided (Actual-cost reimbursement)
  • Virtual Office Policy (Work-from-home Policy): https://www.axelspace.com/en/info_/news_/20201013/pr_201013_en/
  • Pay Revision: Once a year, decided upon annual performance evaluation
  • Holidays: Saturdays, Sundays, Japanese national holidays, and New Year holidays
  • Leave: Annual paid leaves provided (& five-year bonus holidays, special leaves for personal events)
  • Relocation Assistance for those moving from abroad
  • Opportunity to attend optional Japanese language lesson
  • No Smoking On Site

Notes on application

Please upload your resume/CV (in a single file) to the "Resume" section of the application form. Also, please write about your qualities and motivation for application in the "Cover Letter" section.



衛星テクノロジーを用いて社会貢献していくことにワクワク感を感じる、そこのあなた、一緒に「Space within Your Reach 〜宇宙を普通の場所に〜」というビジョンに向かって働いてみませんか?




  • 電源システム設計
  • 打ち上げ後の運用初期から末期までにおいて電力要求を達成できる設計の実施。
    • 太陽電池・バッテリーのサイジング検討
    • 電力発電・分配システムのデザイン検討
    • デザインから具体的な回路図へのブレークダウン
    • 各種部品の選定 (ベンダーとの調整含む)
  • 回路・基板設計および製造指示
  • バッテリー充電回路・レギュレータ回路・電力分配回路・動作検証
  • 製造した基板の評価および次期試作へのフィードバック
  • 衛星搭載後の評価


  • 必須条件
    • 学歴: 大学卒業以上(理学系・工学系)
    • 電源回路あるいはアナログ回路の開発サイクルを複数回経験していること
    • 回路図・基板図について設計あるいは、その指示を行う経験を有すること
    • 英語によるドキュメントの読み書きに抵抗がないこと
  • 歓迎条件(その他)
    • 英語での会話に抵抗感がない方
    • 国際的なチームに囲まれて業務に取り組める姿勢もしくはその経験
    • 自発的に作業を進めるバイタリティと、問題を解決しようとする姿勢


  • 労働種類:正規雇用、フルタイム
  • 勤務時間:裁量労働制
  • 報酬:TBA(経験及び能力に応じて面談の上、採用時に決定)
  • 通勤手当支給(実費精算)
  • バーチャルオフィス制度(在宅勤務制度):https://www.axelspace.com/info/news/20201013/pr_201013_ja/ 
  • 休日:完全週休2日制(土・日)、祝祭日
  • 休暇:年次有給休暇(&慶弔休暇等、5年後ボーナス休暇)
  • 英会話学習補助
  • 敷地内禁煙


応募フォームのResumeには履歴書・職務経歴書(1つのファイルにまとめてください)を添付し、Cover Letterの欄には志望動機や自己PR等を自由に記入してください。



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