Associate Medical Director
Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
7 日前

臨床開発関連 指定されたプロジェクトにおけるメディカル モニタリングの実施 指定されたプロジェクト担当の臨床開発医師としての業務 主として臨床試験モニターのチームとともに プロトコールに関する患者さんの適格性や有害事象の評価 モニターへの教育 治験依頼者や治験責任医師への折衝などを行う 安全性上の問題を含む 医学的 科学的な問題に関する文書のレビュー 臨床開発医師として プロポーザル関連会議に参加 Feasibility studyへの医学的助言 学会等への参加による最新情報入手 社内安全性委員会への参加 グローバルのメディカルドクターとの意見交換 ファーマコビジランス関連 個別副作用症例の医学的評価 治験および市販後 スタッフへの医学教育 安全性担当医師として プロポーザル関連会議に参加

Job Purpose :

  • Key Accountabilities : Accountability (1) Deliver all medical support required for successful delivery of the projects according to contracted agreement with the sponsor (i.
  • e. : tasks and time per task contracted) and according to the assigned role (Global Lead Physician GLP or Regional Lead Physician RLP).

    Medical support include but is not limited to the following : · · Participate in the development and / or review of study documents, such as clinical protocols, Medical Monitoring Plans (MMP), integrated clinical and statistical summary reports, safety plans, Informed Consent Forms, etc.

    in conjunction with clients / sponsors or in conjunction with other PAREXEL departments · o Review and sign off all data listings / tables, protocol deviations, datasets, for medical accuracy / consistency in accordance with study plans (Medical Monitoring Plan, Medical Data Review Plan, Data Surveillance Plan etc.

    Deliver medical leadership to the project in close coordination with the Project Leader according to the role assigned either GLP or RLP by o Pro-

    actively proposing and / or delivering relevant actions contributing to the success of the study / project and risk mitigation.

    o Attend and support any audits or inspections pertaining to assigned studies even if not directly involved in the audited activities (2)Pharmacovigilance Support Provide medical input into PV workflows and projects and participate in safety processing for studies including medical review of serious adverse events.

  • 3)Business Development Support Support Business Development, as agreed with Line Manager, while adequately balancing time devoted to this activity with billable tasks · phone conferences with clients to communicate and detail PAREXEL medical expertise and experience in a therapeutic area or in an indication (4) · -
  • Consultancy on protocol development, drug development program etc. - Medical review of various documents which might be audited by clients and regulatory agencies -

    More generally in any client interactions ·



    企業の組織の中で社内外の人と良好な関係を構築し 協調して働ける方

    優れた英語力 グローバルとのテレカン 会議などで利用できるレベル を有すること 読み書きは必須

    3年以上の臨床経験 下記のいずれかの臨床経験あれば 尚可

    領域は 消化器内科 呼吸器内科に強い方が望ましい

    求める人物像 :



    与えられた仕事や新しい仕事に対して フレキシブルで真摯な態度で取り組むことができる方


    Skills Experience in clinical medicine (general or specialist qualifications) with a specialty in a therapeutic area which is expected to be kept up-

    to-date · A background in clinical aspects of drug development, including all aspects of Medical Monitoring and study design / execution, preferred · · · · Knowledge and Experience : · · · Education : Medically qualified in an acknowledged medical school with completion of at least a basic training in clinical medicine (residency, internship)

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