Supply Technician SRF code 500/300
Yokosuka, 神奈川, Japan
1 日前

Job Description


  • Contractor shall collect, summarize, prepare standard supply reports, perform excess material-related stock receipt, storage control and issue functions for expendable and non-expendable items for local organizations with the guidance and direction of the contractor’s Project Supervisor, receive and screen lists or other documents specifying excess supplies or materials from planned programs or work operations, locate, inventory and when necessary, conduct causative research to identify material not marked with stock number information, create, maintain and when necessary, adjust inventory or property account records.
  • Contractor shall collect, summarize, prepare and review weekly / monthly status reports on material availability for required SRF shops and ships repair schedules.
  • Contractor shall update supply requisition status and contract procurement status by ship and shop to ensure schedules are met, take action on reported items that are not within correct timeframe parameters by preparing supply assist messages, E-mails telephone calls and faxes in order to expedite material requisitions for ship and shop projects concordant with ships Selected Restricted Availability (SRA) schedules.
  • Contractor shall search catalogs, records or other data sources to obtain correct stock numbers or to find authorized substitutes for stock items, and will contact customers, supply organizations, transportations units and expedite delivery of material to proper disposition locations.
  • Contractor shall operate 4, 6 or 16 ton forklift to load and unload
  • incoming and outgoing materials, to move palletized material within warehouse spaces and to transport material to and from warehouse spaces, ships’ piers and Ship Repair Facility workshops.
  • Required Skills

  • Contractor is required to possess the necessary U.S. Navy supply technical, warehousing and knowledge to successfully carry out tasks.
  • Contractor should be able to utilize the Supply and Uniform Automated Data Processing System (UADPS).
  • Please note that pursuant to a government contract, this position requires U.S. Citizenship status.
  • Must have obtained a Secret Clearance at a minimum for this position.
  • Ability to deal with a variety of people in a professional and courteous manner in diversified situations.
  • Previous procurement (purchasing) experience.
  • Must possess the ability to perform assigned work tasks without supervision.
  • Ability to read, write, speak, and understand American English to an eighth grade level for a working knowledge of hazardous, safety, and environmental warnings, as per contract requirement.
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