Member(CS Finance Section):CS Management Department(CS Division)
Rakuten Mobile
Tokyo, Japan
6 日前

About Organization

Rakuten Mobile's Customer Service Division (CS Division) is a group that manages call centers and chat center operations as a customer support counter for Rakuten Mobile.

Among them, the CS Finance Division is in charge of managing the management resources generated by the operation of the Division.

This team is mainly engaged in bill payment work, preparation of estimated costs incurred, and forecast and actual management work with actual results.

As our company continues to grow rapidly, as a division, we are engaged in various activities to maximize customer satisfaction and improve operational efficiency, but we are operating to understand the costs that accompany those activities.

In addition to confirming and coordinating with the person in charge, we also cooperate with departments outside the headquarters such as accounting and finance of Rakuten Mobile to execute accurate billing processing without delay, proper cost management, and budget preparation.

increase. It's just like the Ministry of Finance of CS Division.

Job Duties

Responsible work : Team member

At Rakuten Mobile, which continues to grow rapidly, the customer service division (CS Division) is also expanding rapidly, and in February 2022, a part of the customer support business was made a subsidiary and became independent, aiming to further improve customer satisfaction.

Under such circumstances, it is required to establish a solid finance system for accounting with subsidiaries, operation construction from a financial perspective, and proper management and maintenance of management resources.

In response to the ever-changing operation of the CS Division from May 2022, we have established functional groups on both sides of the accounting (first group) and finance (second group) for the purpose of strengthening the organization within the CS finance section, and have set up functional groups for the billing process.

We aim for stable operation in terms of both management and cost management, as well as financial-related operations of our subsidiaries.

As a staff member of the first group, the candidate will be in charge of accurately grasping the expenditure cost and time of occurrence of CS Division management resources, placing appropriate orders for contract conditions with various business partners, and executing payments.

This is an important position to support the stable operation of CS of Rakuten Mobile, which continues to expand.

Minimum Qualification

Microsoft Office (Power point, Excel, Word)

  • Required
  • Work experience in accounting and finance fields,

    Practical experience in database management such as database creation and maintenance

    Preferred Qualification

    Knowledge about practical work at contact centers (Call, Chat, Mail, etc.)

    Work experience related to telecommunications business


    Targeting all employees to score TOEIC 800 or above in 2024.

    Required to take TOEIC every month (Fee is free once a month for regular employee).

  • For those who don't have TOEIC score, required to take the IP test.
  • This is for non-English speaking nationalities.

    Languages :

    English (Overall - 1 - Beginner), Japanese (Overall - 4 - Fluent)


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