Display Advertising Operation Consultant, Programmatic Advertising Specialist - Rakuten Marketing Japan (LINKSHARE JAPAN K.K.) (RM)
Tokyo, Japan
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Assignment Rakuten Inc. Rakuten Marketing Japan (LINKSHARE JAPAN K.K.) Rakuten Marketing Japan employees are enrolled in Rakuten Inc.

but will be seconded to LINKSHARE JAPAN K.K. immediately after joining the company. Welfare, salary, and other conditions are the same as Rakuten Inc.

Business Introduction Rakuten Marketing Japan is a business within Rakuten that deals with digital marketing. With "THE ONE AND ONLY", we provide a unique service that only we can provide.

Rakuten is aiming for an advertising transaction volume of 200 billion yen in 2021, and we are the core and driving force.

Utilizing Rakuten's global network, we have a unique service lineup based on the world's most advanced technology.

  • Recently, we have released the world's most advanced AI-based high-speed multivariate CRO tool "Evolv". Within the digital marketing industry, we have a unique position that is different from advertising agencies and affiliate companies.
  • Introducing employees who are active in Rakuten Marketing Japan. http : / / jp.linkshare.com / recruit / Organization Many mid-career employees in their 20s and 30s from a wide range of industries have joined the company and are active.

    The average overtime hours are about 10-15 hours a month, and it is a highly productive organization. It is a well-ventilated organization that holds in-house exchange meetings on a regular basis.

  • In 2018 and 2019, quiz events, athletic meet, participation in SPARTAN RACE, etc. Responsibilities You will be in charge of project management for planning and operating display advertising products and expanding sales.
  • Optimize the operation of advertising campaigns that make full use of multiple DSPs by utilizing various data such as Rakuten data and affiliates.

    Operation optimization utilizing the unique platform provided by Rakuten Marketing. Along with sales, we pick up client needs and make proposals to clients.

    Supporting client marketing measures centered on operational advertising. Minimum Qualifications Work experience related to sales and operation of Internet advertising.

    Work experience that understands the issues and requests of advertisers and sales, devises solutions, and solves them from proposals.

    Experience of working in collaboration with members other than your own department. Office skills (PowerPoint and Excel). TOEIC 600 points or more.

  • It will be an offer after getting 600 or more TOEIC points.
  • Those who have not obtained a score are expected to take the TOEIC test during the selection process. Preferred Qualifications Work experience related to sales and operation of operational advertising.
  • Experience on the publishing side, including in-house operation, is also welcomed. Knowledge and structural understanding of advertising technology (DSP, SSP, ad exchange, ad distribution server, real-time bidding, etc.

    Communication ability and document creation ability to convey complicated things and specialized knowledge in a language that is easy to understand for people without knowledge.

    Over 3 years of work experience in the following companies. Digital division of operating companies and advertising agencies.

    Solution companies in the field of digital marketing (DMP, Marketing Automation, BI tool, etc.). Ideal Candidate Profiles Those who can make a commitment to achieve their goals.

    Those who can learn and execute the prescribed work flow and consider improvement plans. Those who are willing to actively learn new technologies and services.

    Those who have the ability to think logically. Those who have problem-solving ability. Those who have the ability to act.

    Those who can learn from their actions and turn a cycle of improvement on their own. Those who have realized a work style that is conscious of productivity.

    Other Indoor passive smoking countermeasures Yes (Indoor smoking prohibited) Languages : English (Overall - 1 - Beginner), Japanese (Overall - 4 - Fluent)


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