IS_Solution Architect_Tokyo(Regular) /IS_ソリューションアーキテクト_東京(正社員)
The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company
新宿区, Tokyo JP
‎‎5 時間前

Job Description :

Are you looking for unlimited opportunities to develop and succeed? With work that challenges and makes a difference, within a flexible and supportive environment, we can help our customers achieve their dreams and aspirations.


  • Japan IS スタッフまたはマネージャー
  • 日本のアーキテクトチームに所属し クラウドサポートやアーキテクチャー設計
  • 職務詳細

  • アプリケーションオーナーや開発メンバーと密にコミュニケーションを取り 最適なソリューションを設計する
  • 設計したソリューションをAsia Technology Officeでレビューし アジアの戦略と整合させる
  • 将来のアーキテクチャーに沿った最適なソリューションを探し適用する
  • ビジネスおよびISの関係者に対し テクニカル相談対応やソリューションの提案を実施する
  • NewテクノロジーのPOCを実施し ローカルビジネスで活用するとともにアジアリージョンにも展開する
  • チームメンバーとともにIS内にAgile / DevOpsの文化を醸成する
  • クラウドネイティブなソリューションを活用しアーキテクチャーのデザインやプロセスの最適化を実施する
  • ITに関する情報を集約し エンタープライズアーキテクチャーリポジトリーを管理する
  • 必須のスキル 経験

  • 高度なコミュニケーション能力(プレゼン能力含む)
  • チャレンジングな環境において フレキシブルに対応する能力
  • IT全般に関して5年以上の経験
  • コンプライアンスに関する深い理解と経験
  • 分析および問題解決能力
  • 日英の読み書きおよび対話能力
  • ロジカルな思考および説明能力
  • アプリケーション開発及びインフラ(特にネットワークとサーバー管理)の深い知識
  • わかりやすいドキュメンテーションスキル
  • 要件やアーキテクチャーの見える化スキル(UMLなど)
  • 発散と収束でアイデアを現実化する能力
  • ハイブリッド / マルチクラウド構築スキル
  • 基本的なプログラミングスキル (Java, NodeJS, Python, shell script, Dos script, PowerShellなど
  • 基本的なプロジェクトマネジメント知識
  • 基本的な情報 / サイバーセキュリティ知識
  • 有れば尚可のスキル 経験

  • ITIL Foundation
  • などのスキルが有れば尚可









    経験 能力を考慮の上 当社規定により優遇します

    通勤交通費支給 当社規定による

    変動賞与年1回 個人 会社業績に応じて支給



    原則 9 00 17 00 実働7時間 フレックス制度あり


    社会保険完備 健康保険 厚生年金保険 雇用保険 労災保険 ベネフィットワン 各種研修

    制度(英語 日本語研修含む) 育児 介護休業制度 ベビーシッター支援制度 wiwiwシステム 育

    児休業からの復職支援システム の導入 退職金制度


    完全週休2日制 土 日 祝日 年末年始 有給休暇 特別連続休暇 アニバーサリー休暇他


    初台本社 163-1430 東京都新宿区西新宿三丁目20-2 東京オペラシティタワー

    This job description does not represent a comprehensive listing of job duties that are required of the employee performing this role.

    We reserve the right to change duties or assign additional duties at any time with or without notice.

    Key Accountabilities :

    Individual Accountabilities :

  • Responsible for architectural design, issues and solutions considerations; apply industry best practices to create scalable and secure solutions that have superior technical performance
  • Responsible for product architectural design, issues and solutions considerations for value streams
  • Designs complex component architectures
  • Assists with design of application architectures
  • Maintain component architecture
  • Designs templates and complex solution components for software and platform engineers to use
  • Troubleshoots mis-specified component architectures and rapidly corrects them
  • Has positive impact to specific organizational entities
  • Understands nature of the impact
  • Works across small to medium sized teams with common purpose setting guidelines and clarifying outcomes
  • Job Requirements :

  • Deep understanding of business strategy and ability to craft software / platform / infrastructure architecture plans to support business outcomes
  • Evaluates and builds a network of third-party suppliers
  • Links actions to longer-term goals and strategy
  • Understands the corporate climate & culture
  • Strong knowledge of the business
  • Seeks coaching from experts in specific areas of capability building
  • Attends advanced training sessions and is certified on multiple domains of expertise
  • Demonstrates all core skills, and good interpersonal skills for the role
  • Strong interpersonal skills to coach others
  • Good working and background knowledge of area of practice
  • Introduces new developments and innovation into technical discipline within the segment
  • Use and combines knowledge of the discipline and leading market trends formulate the right approach
  • Fit for purpose solutions, tailored to business needs
  • Collaborative attitude, willingness to work with team members; able to coach, participate in code reviews, share skills and methods
  • Constantly learns from both success and failure
  • Good organizational and problem-solving abilities that enable you to manage through creative abrasion
  • Good verbal and written communication; able to effectively articulate technical vision, possibilities, and outcomes
  • Experiments with emerging technologies and understanding how they will impact what comes next
  • Decision Authorities :

  • Able to achieve tasks using own judgement with limited supervision
  • Leads smaller groups and coaches others within discipline to grow skills, talent and best practices
  • Strong analytical skills, copes with complex situations through deliberate analysis and planning, strong problem solving skills
  • Role Summary :

  • Japan IS staff or Manager Level
  • Local architecture - cloud support etc
  • Job Descriptions :

  • Work closely with IS Application Owners, development team for design solution
  • Design solution architecture and get it reviewed with Asia Technology Office
  • Find suitable solutions to realize future state architecture
  • Technical consultation and proposal for business and IT divisions
  • POC of new technologies for local business and propagate across Asia region
  • Foster Agile and DevOps culture in IS division along with team members
  • Leverage cloud native solutions for architecture design and process optimization
  • IT Information centralization / Maintain Enterprise architecture repository
  • Required Skills & Experiences(must have) :

  • Advanced communication skills (including presentation skills)
  • Flexibility and adaptability in challenging environment
  • Overall knowledge / experience in IT / More than 5 years
  • Knowledge and experience in Compliance area
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills both in English and Japanese
  • Logical thinking & explanation skill
  • Strong knowledge of application development & infrastructure (Network and Server)
  • Self-explanatory documenting skill
  • Visualizing requirement / architecture skill (UML diagram etc)
  • Divergent and convergent thinking skill
  • Building hybrid / multi-cloud environment skill
  • Basic programing skill (Java, NodeJS, Python, shell script, Dos script, PowerShell are preferred)
  • Basic project management knowledge
  • Basic information / cyber security knowledge
  • Skill & Experiences (is a plus) :

  • TOEIC 800 and more
  • ITIL Foundation
  • Work from Home : Once a week is possible

    Overtime : Approximately 15 hours of overtime expected

    Salary :

    Based on our Work Rules, we will consider your experience, skills and knowledge when we decide the salary.

    Commutation allowance and Variable Incentive Bonus are paid based on our Work Rules.

    Working Hours :

    Standard Working Hours : 9 : 00am - 5 : 00pm (Include 1 hour break. Flextime system available)

    Benefits :

    Social Insurance (Health Insurance, Employees' Pension, Unemployment Insurance, Worker's Accident Insurance), Benefit One, Training system (include Japanese lesson / English lesson), Childcare

    Leave / Family care Leave, Baby-sitter support program, wiwiw System (Support program for those who take Childcare Leave), Retirement Pension (only for Regular employee).

    Holidays / Vacations : Saturdays and Sundays

    National Holidays

    Year-end and new year holidays (December 30, December 31, January 2 and January 3)

    Annual Paid Holiday

    For Regular employee, other special holidays are available (e.g. Anniversary Leave, etc.)

    Location :

    Hatsudai Head Office, Tokyo Opera City, 3-20-2 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Japan

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