Knowledge Management Officer (KMO) Assistant Commander Seventh Fleet
Afognak Native Corporation
Yokosuka, 神奈川, Japan
5 日前

Job Description

Knowledge Management Officer (KMO) Assistant assigned to the staff of Commander, U.S. SEVENTH Fleet (C7F)

The Contractor shall provide the following support to the KMO :

  • Perform knowledge and information flow mapping and process analysis.
  • Assist in the development of critical information requirements.
  • Identify and mitigate chokepoints in the flow of knowledge and information across the C7F staff and reporting echelons.
  • Facilitate the means to acquire, share, exchange, and flow knowledge and information for the commander and staff to enhance a common understanding of the commander’s intent and situational awareness.
  • Facilitate knowledge and information sharing with superior and subordinate staff.
  • Assist in enhancing organization-wide mission-critical information exchanges.
  • Assist in developing methodologies for the capture of command knowledge and information, sharing of information, and staff collaboration.
  • Facilitate the establishment of collaborative environments and associated KM tools for benefit of the Maritime Operations Center (MOC).
  • Monitor and assist with the maintenance of technological platforms that enhance the staff’s ability to retain and share mission-critical knowledge and information.
  • Assist in developing plans for strategy and implementation of KM.
  • Assist in gathering information that may be used as part of preparing budget submittals for the KM program.
  • Assist in the development and implementation of KM and information sharing among the C7F staff through the use of business processes, business practices, available technology, and change management programs to strengthen the links between knowledge sharing and information systems and improve integration of information systems.
  • Apply KM principles to assist in developing and managing internal systems focused on strategy, planning, orders development, resourcing, and assessments.
  • Assist in preparing and performing a cost-benefit analysis of investments in intellectual capital.
  • Apply statistical and data analysis approaches to existing databases to effectively distill and present information to leadership and staff.
  • Conduct database transaction audits and reviews system logs to confirm that only authorized personnel can perform prescribed functions.
  • Support decision making by recommending solution sets for information sharing based on data mining.
  • Assist with identifying software applications that relate to established business processes and in developing and implementing training and documentation for the software.
  • Assist in more fully understanding the KM capabilities of existing software programs having to do with business processes and their potential to assist with operational issues such as Domain Awareness.
  • Assist with gathering information needed by C7F staff and preparing reports based on that information. Be prepared to draft queries and access databases as part of gathering the information.
  • Assist in developing standards for C7F’s KM program and in confirming whether those standards are being met.
  • Assists in developing methodologies to identify and locate missing information and to develop systematic solutions to close data gaps.
  • Knowledge, experience, and capability.

  • Have experience implementing existing higher-level strategic documents.
  • Have experience developing or assisting in the development of KM programs.
  • Have the capability to assist in the development of collaboration among several business units on complex strategic objectives.
  • Have expertise regarding the principles of KM.
  • Have experience applying KM principles to the development of technical solutions for collaboration on operational command and control of naval forces.
  • Demonstrated ability to articulate advanced KM concepts and solutions using plain language that is easily understood by a wide audience of varying levels of familiarity with the subject.
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm for the benefits that effective KM can provide when employed in stove-piped organizations during chaotic situations.
  • Have experience effectively communicating and working with military members up to the flag officer level.
  • A full understanding of a Military Operations Center’s (MOC) organizational structure.
  • A demonstrated ability to map existing KM systems as part of a process to analyze and improve current and future KM systems.
  • A demonstrated ability to improve the effectiveness of existing KM systems and provide practical, understandable training on any associated changes to KM systems.
  • A demonstrated ability to promptly move from task to task as priorities and direction change.
  • A demonstrated ability to work with information technology specialists to understand and apply software applications to improve KM systems.
  • A demonstrated understanding of the complex political and military conditions across the SEVENTH FLEET AOR.
  • A demonstrated ability to utilize databases of various types as part of a KM system.
  • Required Skills

  • Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university.
  • At least 10 years of experience directly supporting the planning and execution of military operations / exercises.
  • Employees are expected to be familiar with basic HTML coding and SharePoint. Employees are expected to be proficient with Microsoft Office software.
  • Favorable adjudication within the last 7 years as eligible for Top Secret clearance. In order to perform this contract, the Contractor will require access to Navy information systems, SBU information, areas critical to the operations of the command, and / or classified information.
  • Furthermore, the Department of the Navy (DoN) has determined that all DoN Information systems are sensitive regardless of whether the information is classified or unclassified.

    A contractor whose work involves access to sensitive unclassified information warrants a judgment of an employee's trustworthiness.

    Therefore, all personnel accessing DoN Computer systems must undergo investigation for a position of trust to verify their trustworthiness.

    Also, Commands shall include Facility Access Determination (FAD) program requirements in the contract specifications when determinations for facility access only shall be required on the contractor employees

  • Physical Mobility. Work is generally to be carried out in shipboard climate-controlled office spaces. Contractor employee should be physically capable of sustained, sometimes arduous at-sea operations, to climb and descend steep shipboard ladders and otherwise be physically able to carry out routine office work, to include prolonged sitting and standing or walking up to a mile in order to access the ship when moored in various ports.
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